Previous Cars I have owned:

      Updated 12/3/05

      1970 Pontiac Lemans:


      It was actually my dads car but It was the car I drove in high school
      It was 350 2 barrel carburetor single exhaust with a 350 turbo automatic
      It was a strong runner considering my only modification was to flip the air cleaner upside down!
      For some reason I never took a picture of this car. This picture was taken during the Blizzard of 78.
      I was 9 years old and sitting the back seat behind drivers seat. It took a long time before this 20 foot
      high drift right next to grandpa's farm was plowed so dad took a picture for proof. He was a little too close to
      show the whole drift but it is still a cool picture.

      1971 Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible:

      I bought this car when I was 17 between my Junior and Senior Year in high school
      It was originally a 350 2 barrel carb single exhaust with a 3 on the tree manual trans
      The previous owner had painted it Maroon, installed air shocks, a junkyard 400 2 barrel engine
      and put on the Keystone spoke wheels, with only 3 of the 4 spoke covers
      While I owned it (for 9 years) I did the following:
      1. Installed 4-barrel carb and manifold from a 76 firebird (not the best donor car)
      2. Installed the factory style dual exhaust.
      3. Blew 2 of the Muncie 3 speed transmissions and installed a floor shifter after ripping the column shifter off during a hard shift
      4. Installed a better cam, can't remember the specs but it had slightly more duration than a ram air III
        Too bad the small valve heads couldn't really take advantage of the cam.
      5. Installed 2 convertible tops
      6. Installed really nice CD-player with 180 Watt RMS Alpine amp with qty 4, 6 1/2 door speakers
        Squeezing 2 speakers in each door, 1 low in back and 1 high in front gave awesome sound for a convertible.
        Stereo was stolen while I was trying to sell the car.
      7. Installed 15" Pontiac Rally-Sport Rims with BG Goodrich Comp TA VR4 tires
      8. Replaced 2 row core radiator with a 3 row core radiator
      9. To meet emissions in Texas (I actually had to take a Dyno emissions test one year!) I had to buy a 4-barrel
        closed air cleaner to replace the open element chrome air cleaner I was using.
        After I passed emissions I left stock air cleaner base and ran the open element chrome air cleaner cover, it looked great!

      1994 Chevy Camaro Z28:


      I looked for a long time and decided that I would have to order a Z28 to get what I really wanted.
      I also realized I couldn't afford the insurance until I turned 25
      1 month before my birthday I ordered my dream car
      1. 1994 Z28, hardtop (W/O T-tops I personally hate T-tops)
      2. Patriot Red(Maroon) with tan interior, I really wanted the tan interior which is very uncommon with this body color.
      3. 6-Speed manual transmission. I had to wait and extra 2 months because of the transmission
        Chevy expected less than 10% of the buyers would get the 6-speed trans and over 20% of the cars were ordered with it
        Borg Warner ran completely out and there was a 2 month period were you could not get a 6-speed
        My car was one of the first 6-speeds to arrive in Dallas after the shortage and the
        dealership was kind enough to test drive my car 18 miles instead of the 3 miles that they told me.
        I asked ahead of time and they said 8 mile max, another example of how dealers lie
      4. High speed Goodyear GSC tires, and 160PMH speedo! I think it was a $1000 option.
        If I would not have gotten this option the car would have been electronically speed limited to 110 MPH
      5. Luxury option package 2, I had to get the deluxe package to get the 6 way adjustable seats
        Being 6'5" tall I do not fit in the cars w/o the extra adjustability given by the power seats.
        This package had Power seats, power windows, A/C cruise control, power mirrors and a CD player
      6. Basically every single option available except I did not get Auto trans or T-tops

      I immediately had the windows tinted, installed an alarm and bypassed the hated CAGS!
      CAGS is Computer Aided Gear Selection, basically when you drove calmly it forced your car to shift directly from 1st to 4th gear!

      No other Mods were needed, I was a great car and I had a warranty!
      I had kept my convertible but it is so damn hot in Texas that I never really lowered
      the top because I would just bake with the black interior. The Z28 was so much faster
      that the Pontiac started sitting for long periods of time and I eventually sold it.
      After I sold the convertible the Z28 became a Lemon. I had so many electrical problems that
      I always had the dealer change the oil because the car always needed work.
      A list of the problems I had:
      1. Car missed at 4500 RPMS. Dealer hooked car up to code reader told me nothing was wrong
        Took car back to dealer and told him to drive in first to 4000RPM hold it for a second then
        floor it and the car felt like it hit the rev limiter. The dealer found several coil packs were
        bad and lectured me that I should be shifting sooner, dumbasses!
      2. Cruise control didn't always work. Took car to dealer twice and they told me there was
        Nothing wrong both times. 3rd time at dealer I took service manager for a ride.
        I deliberately left The cruise control on then turned the car off and re-started it.
        Then I let service manager drive, no matter what he did he could not set cruise control
        I then had him stop the car on the side of the highway, turn the car off, turn cruise
        control off, then restart the car. Cruise control now works. dealer replaced cruise control
        module and left a annoying note in my car stating the cruise control resume function does
        not work when car has been shut down....WTF dumbasses.
      3. One morning car won't start and backfires, I try 5 minutes later and runs fine.
        This happens 3 times and each time dealer says nothing is wrong, I threaten to lemon law the
        car and they give me a bill for wasting their time when nothing is wrong, I go ballistic and
        they drop the bill and I leave...which is what they wanted.
      4. Super bowl Sunday on my Birthday another driver turns left into my path and destroys the
        Passenger side of my car. While at the dealer for 2 MONTHS getting body work the car won't
        start and backfires, The dealer replace the ECU which they claim was damaged in the wreck
        I was furious at the dealer but thrilled to finally get a new ECU which would have cost me $1000
      5. Shortly after wrench my A/C compressor seizes, and dealer replaced it under warranty. But the evaporator case is cracked and the car fill up with 1" (I measured it!) of water on a
        trip to Austin. Dealer installs a new housing and 2 months later new housing starts leaking
        Dealer says it doesn't leak, I take service manger for a ride(see a pattern here) and show him
        it only leaks when I corner hard. Dealer finds a cricket stuck in evaporator drain.
      6. 3000 miles later my brand new front tires are shot because the toe adjustment was WAY off.
        Dealer blames me! and refused to admit that they screwed up from end alignment when they
        rebuilt it. Even after I threaten a lawsuit they tell me they are not paying for tires
        I tell them to F@%K off and I am never going to they again and I am telling every persons I meet
        That they are incompetent crooks, they say fine but they are not paying for tires.
      7. 3000 mile later care backfires and doesn't want to start, I take car to a good dealer
        and they replace distributor under 7 year 70,000 mile emission warrantee, first time I took
        the car in, now thats the kind of service I expect!
      8. A/C compressor blows exactly one year after 1st dealer replaced it because they did not
        replace the dryer when they installed a new compressor and the moisture in the system ruined
        the compressor I take car to the good dealer and they tell me $700 to repair unless I go back to first dealer
        1st dealer says compressor has 12,050 miles on it (which is more than 12,000 mile guarantee)
        and refuses to replace condenser. After getting GM corporate customer help people involved
        They fix their screw up for 1/2 price $350. I go home and put an add in the trading post to
        sell the car I had planned on giving to a son someday, piss poor quality and service ruined that dream.

      1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4:


      My wife had a Saturn that was a great car and easy to work on but was painful for me to drive
      because I was too big. My wife wanted a 3000GT when she bought her Saturn but could not afford
      it at the time. As soon as we got married I suggested she get a 3000GT like she always wanted.
      I had looked at 3000GTs when I bought my Z28 but I could not afford one either.
      While shopping for 3000GTs I was shocked at how expensive the 222HP non-turbos were, They were
      REALLY holding their value. But then I noticed that the Twin turbo VR-4s were only about $2000
      more. HOLY SH!T the All wheel Drive, Al Wheel Steering Twin turbo option cost 15,000 to $20,000
      extra when the cars were new. My wife wanted a white car and after looking at several Mitsubishi
      dealerships we happened to see a Maroon VR-4 at a Toyota dealership. We looked at the car, it was a 93 with only 36,000 miles (this was in 97 I think) The car was in great shape so we bought it
      When we were ready to sign the dealers says "Oh yeah the car is a 91 not a 93" and doesn't cut
      anything off the price. We decide the low miles were important and bought it.
      This lead to the eventual creation of this webpage.

      1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible:

      I bought his cat to be my daily driver after I sold the Z28. I was looking for a 71 Chevelle, because
      Nothing is cheaper to work on than a 350 Chevy engine (except for a VW bug). I couldn't find a cheap Chevelle
      I kept finding junk for $4000 and then I found this Cutlass Convertible for a final price of $3900
      I drove it daily for 2 years and sold it when my wife became pregnant.
      My dog Aussie misses this car horribly, When I would open the garage door she would jump into the car and
      wait for hours for me to give her a ride.